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How to use this resource
I would encourage you to show pupils where this resource is and go over copying and pasting into Python.
Let them know that it is ok if they work at their own pace through this.
Emphasis that they need to debug work themselves before getting any help from you.
If you are working on developing resilience in debugging this article may be useful.
Teach key points to the whole class allowing those who are further ahead to work silently during this.

Debug computers stickers
Stickers in action from a blog
Portable python guide overview
Standard python guide overview
Python Video Help Files
Python Dictionary

Helping pupils with Turtle module
Sometimes pupils forget to close the drawing window. This shows up on the task bar in red, close it to continue.
Sometimes a pupil bug will open turtle.py or which has all the turtle code. If a pupil deletes what is on this page the module won't work.
You or they can download a clean copy of the file below and copy it into Portable Python\App\Lib folder.

Installation and running issues
One of the really useful things about Portable Python is how easy it is to try in a school without lots of installation issues.
If you download a copy of Portable Python and then run the program on a home computer which you have admin rights to, it un-compresses the files. These can then be copied and used on your school network. Find a network folder which pupils have full rights to and place all the uncompressed files inside a folder on this drive. Create a shortcut to the main pyscripter file and place this elsewhere on your network. This works well for a class with wired PCs and classes with good modern wireless. Keep a copy of the original files somewhere safe. If a pupil damages turtle.py or random.py then replace your damaged version with the original. I now warn pupils to close those files without editing them if they pop up, which avoids the issue.
If pupils accidentally press the insert button on their keyboard the cursor expands and goes into overstrike mode. You can remove this by clicking on the insert button again.
Philip Bagge,
Jul 8, 2015, 6:46 AM
Philip Bagge,
Jul 8, 2015, 6:46 AM