Adventure Choice2

Change the variables depending on players choices
In this section we change the variables we created at the top.
Increasing them if we think the player has chosen wisely or decreasing
them if they have chosen poorly.
if event1 == ("s"):
    print("Carefully you edge past")
    print("You throw a stone at the rat")
    print("It attacks you")
    print("After a struggle it runs off")

#exp variable is increased

#exp variable is increased
#hp variable is decreased

Inside your if and else choice selections add variable increases or decreases.
At the end of a choice it is a good idea to let the player know how they are getting on.
We can do this by using the hp and exp type variables in print commands.
For example
print("You have",exp,"point")
print("You have",hp,"hit points left")
These should go after if and else choices and shouldn't be indented.
Run your code and test it.
If you have errors DEBUG them.