In this module you are going to write and program your own adventure story
Computational Thinking

Detailed step by step list of instructions or set of rules to accomplish something. When you plan your story carefully you are creating an algorithm. All programming is turning an algorithm into code that works on a digital device.

Before you start you will need to think about setting and genre.
This is a linear adventure so your character will go through all events.
A to B to C to D to E etc
Python can write more complex adventures but we all have to walk before we can run.
You will need some form of lives to use up if your player makes bad choices.
I also recommend some form of experience points you increase for good choices.
You will also need to think up events choices and consequences.
For example
You see a large rat in the tunnel
Type a to attack s to sneak by
If choose a then character fights rat lives -1
if choose s then character sneaks by experience +1
Once you get to the bottom of Adventure Choice2 I would recommend that you create
multiple events using the skills gained in these chapters before moving on to adding a rucksack.