Poem Extra

Extra Challenges
Choose a challenge you fancy doing or make one up.
Computational Thinking
-Adapting a solution that solved one problem to solve another
Now use generalisation to solve some of these problems

Challenge 7
Save as mash7.py
Adapt the poem challenge 6 so that is randomly chooses a different vegetable from the veglist on each line.

Challenge 8
save as mash8.py
Create a program that randomly chooses a member of your class so that your teacher can use it in class.
Create a new list with people in your class in it. Randomly choose a name from the list and put it into a new variable.
Finally put the randomly chosen name in a variable into a print command. Don't forget to import random at the top.

Challenge 9
Save as mash9.py
Using techniques learn't, write a program to roll a six sided dice.

Challenge 10
Save as mash10.py
Write a program to help a younger pupil practice reading nonsense words that have oo in the middle.
Create two lists that have commons starting and finishing letters for words. Randomly choose your starting and ending letter for your oo word from these lists.
Use + to join these instead of the comma so that you don't have any spaces