Formula Builder

Why not use Python to calculate Maths formulas

Maths symbols used
Add + subtract - divide / multiply *

User inputs into the program
var1=int(input("Type the width number only"))#This puts a whole number #the user typed into a #variable called var1
var2=float(input("Type a decimal or negative number"))#This puts a decimal or #negative number the user #typed into a variable called #var2

Perimeter of a square example
We know that the perimeter of a square is 4 times the length of one side.
Copy the code and paste it into a new Python file to try it.
print("Welcome to my perimeter of a square program")
oneside=int(input("Please type the length of one side of the square as a number only"))
units=input("Please type in the units that you are using eg cm mm inches etc")
print("The perimeter of your square is",oneside,units)
Line 2 and 3 collect data from the user and store this data in variables called oneside and units.
Line 4 multiplies oneside by 4 and puts the new total back into the variable called oneside.
Line 5 outputs the total inside oneside and the units inside the variable called units 
back to the user.

Try inputting 22.5 cm 
Why does it fail?

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